Over the years, there has been an increasing need to keep people reliably informed about their health, occasioned by the perpetual calls doctors and health professionals receive online and via mobile networks. People want more information about their health, they want to be well.  

Doctorkk Health was set up to meet that need using Information Technology.  

Doctorkk Health started in 2017 and has been providing accurate health information through its blog channel in order to empower Nigerians and people all over the world to take a hold of their health by learning to do things right.In addition, its online medical consultation platform became necessary in order to make health care accessible and more affordable for all, as its contribution towards achieving the UN SDG Goal 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Doctorkk Health is set up to advance health care accessibility in Nigeria and Africa through the use of technology by increasing the available health information available on the web and providing a proven means of consulting certified medical personnel without physical limitations.  


Doctorkk Health will be at the forefront of improving healthcare using Technology – telemedicine and other telehealth services, providing a reliable and credible means for people to get well and stay healthy always.