BPH means benign prostatic hypertrophy or hyperplasia.


After age 40, the prostate becomes larger than usual as the cells increase. However, only one in 10 males experience symptoms after 50 years.

Symptoms that may occur include:

  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Urgency: This means that when you feel like urinating, you would have to do so immediately.
  • Hesitancy : When you make attempt at urinating, it would not come out immediately. You would have to wait a while before it does.
  • Urge incontinence: If you do not urinate immediately you feel like, you could urinate on yourself.
  • Increased urination at night.
  • Poor stream of urine. When you stand to urinate, Your urine would not go as far as it used to when you were a child or much younger .
  • Sometimes you would have to strain to pass urine.
  • A feeling that some urine still remains in the bladder after urinating.
  • Sometimes you would be unable to pass urine, resulting in a painful retention of urine. This is an emergency as there would be a need to immediately empty the bladder.
  • Other symptoms could include bed wetting.

If you notice any of these features, see your doctor. Early diagnosis is key to prompt and effective treatment

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