This is a “do it yourself” (DIY) method of examining the breast, such that you become familiar with your breasts and you can report any changes if they occur. It should be carried out 3 to 5 days after your menses, and you should repeat this every month.  If you detect any changes such as a lump, inverted nipple, or a swelling, it is best not to panic but report to your doctor. Of course, the breasts of a nursing mum may be lumpy. This is normal. The steps are

Breast Cancer – the commonest cancer in women. The number of people dying from breast cancer has been on the rise lately and that calls for a lot of awareness. Hence, I’d like to take you through the causes and of course what can be done to deal with it. The CAUSE of breast cancer, like other cancers, is not known. However, some factors predispose to it. These include:  AGE: It is common from 30 years to 75 years. DIET: High fat intake increases the risk. ALCOHOL: increased alcohol intake

Umbilical Cord – Olu’bi (yoruba), Eriri nwa (igbo), Chibi (Hausa) The umbilical cord of a baby usually falls off 5- 10 days after delivery. However, it needs to be kept clean and dry for proper healing to take place, in order to avoid complications. The following should be observed especially because of the prevalence of infections in our environment. Clean with methylated spirit and cotton wool as many times as the child breast feeds; not just TWICE a day, or apply 4% chlorhexidine gel once a day till the tube

Your newborn is so precious that you and your family would want to do everything to protect him/ her. Here are some tips on how to ensure your baby stays free from infections, especially in the first 28 days. Wash hands with soap and water before and after touching the newborn. Keep fingernails short (germs can live under fingernails). Do not put anything ( dressing or herbal medicinal products) on the umbilical cord. Keep the cord clean and dry. Wash anything in the home that will touch the baby: clothing,

CANCER is a word that many have heard severally, hence are now familiar with. Many also die from one form of it or another. In this post, I will be showing you what causes these cancers. First, let us explore some terms used: There is a term known as NEOPLASIA (or NEOPLASM), which means “new growth”. It is used interchangeably with the word TUMOR. Tumors are classified into BENIGN and MALIGNANT. Benign tumors stay where they originate from and typically do not spread to other sites/ tissues. Malignant tumors destroy

Typhoid fever is an infective illness caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi (S.typhi).  There is another illness, Paratyphoid fever, caused by Salmonella paratyphi A, B and C. Together, they are referred to as ENTERIC FEVER. However, paratyphoid fever is usually milder. Both are spread via contaminated food and/or water. The period between infection and manifestation of symptoms is 10 to 14 days S.typhi can survive in water for 7 days, in sewage for 14days, and in ice cream for 1 month. It affects all age groups, male and female

People know they should find time to check their blood pressure (BP), but many do not know what the right values should be. The blood pressure is more like the pressure in the aorta and large arteries (vessels carrying blood), like the brachial artery, which is the one at your elbow and is used for BP measurement. The instrument used is A SPHYGMOMANOMETER .   Blood pressure is reported as SYSTOLIC / DIASTOLIC in mmHg (millimeter of mercury). The systolic is the pressure when the heart contracts, and the diastolic

SHOULD I BE WORRIED? The body actually needs cholesterol to carry out some of its functions, like maintenance of the cell membrane integrity and production  of some hormones in the body; but when it is present in excess (hypercholesterolemia), it becomes worrisome. It is no longer strange that some people like to check their cholesterol level even though they may not understand what the details of the laboratory investigation imply. When you go for a ‘cholesterol test’, usually a simple total cholesterol test or a fasting lipid profile may be

Someone once said that he did not like the idea of breast feeding .  He felt it was a sham and that babies should take more of formula feeds. Then I asked him why the formula feeds were prepared with breast milk as the template. Trust me, he went mute. !! Quite a number of people are aware of some of the benefits of breastfeeding (especially exclusive breast feeding – “baby friendly“) to the baby, but not many are conversant with how valuable it is to the mother and the

A lot is happening around us at the moment with respect to Lassa fever; hence this is an opportunity to find out what it is. LASSA FEVER is an infective illness caused by the Lassa virus. It is actually a viral haemorrhagic illness because it causes bleeding (haemorrhage). It was named after the town  LASSA in Borno state, Nigeria, where it was first discovered in 1969. The host is a rodent, a multimammate rat, Mastomys natalensis. Interestingly, the rodents do not show any symptoms, they only harbor it and pass

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