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EBOLA IS BACK! The Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever, also known as Ebola Virus Disease,  or more popularly referred to as Ebola,  is a viral haemorrhagic disease where the virus causes severe bleeding and fever. Ebola first occurred in 1976 . It however  gained little prominence during its major outbreak in West Africa between 2014-2016. It affected a large number of people in various countries resulting in a lot of public interest. The WHO reported the first case in Guinea (a West African Nation),  with a gradual spread to two other African

HYPOGLYCEMIA (LOW BLOOD SUGAR) Hypoglycemia is a medical condition in which your blood sugar or glucose level is too low i.e. below the normal level. It can develop in people suffering from diabetes and those who are non-diabetic. The cells of the brain require energy, derived from glucose, to function effectively and in case of its insufficiency, the brain is usually one of the first organs to be affected. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include excessive sweating, palpitations, dizziness, shakiness, clumsiness. In more severe cases, there could

So, today is the 9th day of March, 2018. In the course of this week, news filtered out about a disease outbreak in some parts of South Africa. Although, there has been no report of the disease’ presence in Nigeria, it is expedient that we understand what the disease means and what can be done to prevent it. After all, that is why you have us here. There has been 948 cases of listeria poisoning in South Africa reported since January 2017, according to Reuters – which the UN calls

CANCER is a word that many have heard severally, hence are now familiar with. Many also die from one form of it or another. In this post, I will be showing you what causes these cancers. First, let us explore some terms used: There is a term known as NEOPLASIA (or NEOPLASM), which means “new growth”. It is used interchangeably with the word TUMOR. Tumors are classified into BENIGN and MALIGNANT. Benign tumors stay where they originate from and typically do not spread to other sites/ tissues. Malignant tumors destroy

SHOULD I BE WORRIED? The body actually needs cholesterol to carry out some of its functions, like maintenance of the cell membrane integrity and production  of some hormones in the body; but when it is present in excess (hypercholesterolemia), it becomes worrisome. It is no longer strange that some people like to check their cholesterol level even though they may not understand what the details of the laboratory investigation imply. When you go for a ‘cholesterol test’, usually a simple total cholesterol test or a fasting lipid profile may be

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