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One of the biggest challenges for many people is how to protect themselves from Covid-19 while in the line of duty. This is a two edged sword for most people because they earn their livelihood from their workplace(s).   Here is what WHO advises –   Measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 that apply to all workplaces and all people at the workplace include: Frequent hand-washing or disinfection with alcohol based hand sanitizer, Respiratory hygiene such as covering coughs, Physical distancing of at least 1 metre or more according to the national

Here are some of the individual measures to protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2, that have been consistently recommended by WHO and others.  Cough hygieneA cough should be caught in a single use tissue, or the crook of the elbow. The tissue should be immediately disposed of and hand hygiene performed. Coughing into bare hands means they can become heavily contaminated; unless immediate and thorough hand hygiene is performed, they can become a vehicle for transmission. Cough hygiene can reduce, but not totally eliminate, droplets being released by a cough or

Monkey Pox is caused by a virus, orthopox virus,  same that causes cowpox and camelpox. It is similar to human small pox but it is milder . How is it transmitted? It is transmitted to people from various wild animals via Handling of infected monkeys Eating inadequately cooked meat of infected animals Thereafter, from one person to another via Direct contact with body fluids and /or contaminated bedding Large respiratory droplets The duration between exposure to the virus and manifestation of symptoms (incubation period) is 6 to 16 days, but

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