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The word “jaundice” refers to yellowish discoloration of the sclera and/or the skin. A baby’s body attempts to break down extra blood cells after birth. During this process, red blood cells are broken down and a substance known as bilirubin is released. This bilirubin gives the yellow color. For the purpose of this post, we would classify jaundice in the newborn into: Physiologic/normal Pathologic/abnormal In normal babies, jaundice sometimes starts on the 2nd day after delivery, and would usually clear by 2 weeks. This is the normal/physiologic jaundice. Mothers may

Some mums usually express concerns that their baby may be losing weight after birth. Here is to show you a brief overview of the trend of how a baby gains weight or loses it within the first six months of birth. Within the first seven days The baby may lose 5-10% of birth weight. At days 7-10 Baby starts gaining weight. By day 14 Baby should have regained birth weight. After day 14 Baby gains an average of 25-30 grams per day for the first 4 months. At 4-5 months

Is your baby really ‘teething’? Parents often attribute the illness of two out of every five children attended to at our children outpatient clinic to the development of a new set of teeth. Well…, A child is expected to begin to grow the first set of teeth from the sixth month of life. However some may delay. Development of teeth is not always the primary reason for children having high grade fever, stooling, vomiting or coughing profusely as people insinuate. The major reason for children, especially those in the tropics

After expressing breast milk, the mother can feed it to the baby right away or save it for later. Fresh breast milk has the highest quality. If the breast milk must be saved, the mother should do the following: 1. Use either a glass or hard plastic container with a large opening and a tight lid to store breast milk. 2. Use a container and a lid that have been boiled for 10 minutes. 3. Write the time and date the milk was expressed on the container before storing. 4.

One of the early challenges that a nursing mum faces, mostly first- time mums, is sore or cracked nipples. This is quite common. It happens as a result of poor positioning of the baby, and sometimes, poor attachment to the breast. There is usually some degree of “help” for a nursing mum, especially that coming from “experienced mothers”. Deciding on which advice to follow may also be challenging, hence this post. The aim of this post is to provide tested, proven and accurate solution to these mothers. You want to

Umbilical Cord – Olu’bi (yoruba), Eriri nwa (igbo), Chibi (Hausa) The umbilical cord of a baby usually falls off 5- 10 days after delivery. However, it needs to be kept clean and dry for proper healing to take place, in order to avoid complications. The following should be observed especially because of the prevalence of infections in our environment. Clean with methylated spirit and cotton wool as many times as the child breast feeds; not just TWICE a day, or apply 4% chlorhexidine gel once a day till the tube

Your newborn is so precious that you and your family would want to do everything to protect him/ her. Here are some tips on how to ensure your baby stays free from infections, especially in the first 28 days. Wash hands with soap and water before and after touching the newborn. Keep fingernails short (germs can live under fingernails). Do not put anything ( dressing or herbal medicinal products) on the umbilical cord. Keep the cord clean and dry. Wash anything in the home that will touch the baby: clothing,

Someone once said that he did not like the idea of breast feeding .  He felt it was a sham and that babies should take more of formula feeds. Then I asked him why the formula feeds were prepared with breast milk as the template. Trust me, he went mute. !! Quite a number of people are aware of some of the benefits of breastfeeding (especially exclusive breast feeding – “baby friendly“) to the baby, but not many are conversant with how valuable it is to the mother and the

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