There are so many things to know about taking care of yourself (if you are diabetic) or a loved one that is diabetic.

The foot care is so important so as to avoid complications that result sometimes in amputation.

Here are a few facts:

  1. Do not wear long boots
  2. Do not walk bare foot     
  3. Do not wear tight socks
  4. Do not wear high heels that have no support        
  5. Do not put your feet on extreme heat
  6. Do not put your feet near open heat or fire
  7. Do not cut corns or use sharp objects on your feet.

Some things you should do include:

  1. Keep your feet clean always
  2. Dry your feet well, especially in between your toes
  3. Check under your feet regularly; if you can not view under your feet, check with a mirror or get someone to check for you.

You can get help for your feet from your health facility. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

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