Having previously described the three main types of Diabetes mellitus (DM), let’s take a brief moment to dwell on type 2 DM which has a higher prevalence in our society.

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Type 2 Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the human body is unable to properly process sugar into energy. This could be due to the body’s failure to use insulin available correctly or the pancreas is not making enough insulin.

Our body stores sugar and uses it to create the energy we need to go about our everyday lives.


Insulin is a hormone that your body produces to remove the sugar from the blood stream to other cells, which use that sugar as fuel. Type 2 diabetes has to do with how your body responds to insulin and uses the stored sugar. It essentially changes the way your body responds to insulin.

Common symptoms of type 2 DM include:

  1. Urinating often
  2. Being thirsty more than usual
  3. Being hungry more often than the usual
  4. Being tired more often than usual
  5. Weight loss

What can you do?

Diet and lifestyle modifications are key to management of type 2 diabetes mellitus, along with the medications that your health care provider would prescribe. Proper management is very important in order to reduce or slow down complications.

It is therefore important to AVOID self medication; rather it is better to see a health care professional if you notice any of the above features.


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