HIV and COVID-19; Are PLHIV more at risk?


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    Destiny OgwaDr. Omos

    So, are people living with HIV(PLHIV) more at risk of contracting COVID-19?

    A question would be “do you know your HIV status?” ; “do you know your viral load and CD4 count?”

    If your viral load is suppressed and you have a good CD4 count, then according to WHO, you are just like the rest of the population. Take the regular precautions and you don’t have to panic because you are not at a higher risk. Risk is similar to other people.

    If your viral load is high or you haven’t been adherent to your medications, then, now is the time to get serious. The risk for you is higher but you just need to keep observing social/physical distancing, respiratory hygiene, and get serious with taking your medications.

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