Low back pain is quite common. Many people suffer from it, hoping to get a permanent solution when it lingers. It can be quite discomforting.

It is common in people whose occupations make them subject their back to excessive strain; such as having to lift heavy objects, or having to stand for long periods of time.

The pain may originate from the spine and its supporting structures, or it could be from another part of the body which “spreads” to the spine. It may be due to a developmental problem or it could be psychological at times.
There are many causes of low back pain.

However, we shall consider a common one which is POSTURAL BACK PAIN.

POSTURAL BACK PAIN occurs commonly in some slender as well as some fat middle-aged individuals due to assumption of poor posture. Many people in their daily tasks/ activities adopt unrelaxed and faulty posture rather than a STRAIGHT RELAXED BACK, thereby subjecting the back joints and ligaments to undue strain, hence fatigue and back ache develop.

The alteration in the range of movements causes pain which interferes with daily activities. The pain is present over the lower back (lumbar) region.

The pain is relieved when the individual takes some rest, and is worse when a particular posture is assumed.


  • When you stand, your legs and your back must be STRAIGHT in a RELAXED posture.
  • When sitting, the feet should be FLAT ON THE FLOOR and the chest LIFTED with the head HIGH and shoulders RELAXED.

If you have a low back pain that has lingered for long, you need to check with your doctor to discuss the various management options that you would benefit from.

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