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Umbilical Cord – Olu’bi (yoruba), Eriri nwa (igbo), Chibi (Hausa) The umbilical cord of a baby usually falls off 5- 10 days after delivery. However, it needs to be kept clean and dry for proper healing to take place, in order to avoid complications. The following should be observed especially because of the prevalence of infections in our environment. Clean with methylated spirit and cotton wool as many times as the child breast feeds; not just TWICE a day, or apply 4% chlorhexidine gel once a day till the tube

Someone once said that he did not like the idea of breast feeding .  He felt it was a sham and that babies should take more of formula feeds. Then I asked him why the formula feeds were prepared with breast milk as the template. Trust me, he went mute. !! Quite a number of people are aware of some of the benefits of breastfeeding (especially exclusive breast feeding – “baby friendly“) to the baby, but not many are conversant with how valuable it is to the mother and the

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