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Typically, a ‘cut at vaginal delivery ‘, is referred to medically as EPISIOTOMY. It is one of the things many women fear at a vaginal delivery. When it eventually happens, they are soon faced with the realities of how to take good care of the wound so they can ‘ have their lives back ‘ asap. Some people are advised to sit on HOT WATER, while some are asked to avoid contact with the bowl they sit on, and so on. All of these are WRONG!!! WHAT IS THE RIGHT METHOD

…and your cute & beautiful baby finally arrives. YIPPEE!!! CONGRATULATIONS! While one has to be grateful for a safe delivery, I’d like to point out that a lot of attention still has to be paid to the mother’s health, not just the baby’s. The following are danger signs to watch out for in the mum after delivery: Heavy vaginal bleeding Fever Abdominal pain Foul-smelling vaginal discharge Severe headache Eye(visual) disturbances Convulsions If there is hot, red or painful area on the breast. If you notice any of these signs, don’t

The ‘ALMIGHTY’ Labour experience comes with various feelings and emotions. However, talking about danger signs now; here are some signs that may be noticed during labour and/or delivery which are real DANGER signs. They include: Prolonged labour over 12 hours Labour before 37 completed weeks If the woman has been told that the baby is lying in an abnormal position Bleeding from the vagina Fever Foul-smelling vaginal discharge Severe headache and /or visual disturbances Convulsions   If you notice any of the above signs, it is not the time to

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