Tips on what to do with a burn injury

Burn is a type of injury to skin, or other tissues, caused by heat, cold,  electricity, chemicals, friction, or radiation. [wikipedia: Burn]

Burns can be devastating and very traumatic.

It can trigger a severe form of injury that disfigures and/or kills. As with medical cases, Prevention is the key.

Causes include:

  1. Flame from petrol, kerosene, gas or explosion from other inflammable substances like insecticide and spirit
  2. Hot liquids like water,  soup, oil etc
  3. Chemicals
  4. Electrical burns
  5. Hot objects like exhaust.

Here are some tips on Prevention:

  1. Keep hot water and objects away from children. Always put cold water in buckets before adding hot water, not otherwise.
  2. Do not use phone light or naked fire to operate generator
  3. Do not use phone while buying fuel or fetching petrol
  4. Do not use kerosene stove and gas in the same kitchen
  5. Keep gas cylinder outside the kitchen and pipe it in via the wall
  6. Do not refill an already lit lantern or stove.
  7. When you perceive gas, do not light your gas or use a match stick.
  8. As much as possible keep children away from kitchen
  9. Insulate electrical appliances and ensure they are switched off before leaving home or going to bed
  10. Buy a fire extinguisher.

In case of a burn injury,

  •  Pour water on the burnt surface.
  •  Do not apply eggs, engine oil, GV or any other substance other than water 
  •  Take the individual to the hospital. Any delay in taking a patient with major burns to the hospital increases the chances of the person dying.


Credit: Dr Elimian  Hilary (Surgery resident)

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