Benefits of Breastfeeding

Someone once said that he did not like the idea of breast feeding .  He felt it was a sham and that babies should take more of formula feeds. Then I asked him why the formula feeds were prepared with breast milk as the template. Trust me, he went mute. !!

Quite a number of people are aware of some of the benefits of breastfeeding (especially exclusive breast feeding – “baby friendly“) to the baby, but not many are conversant with how valuable it is to the mother and the family as a whole.

It is recommended by WHO and UNICEF that a child be exclusively breast-fed for 6 months, thereafter, give complementary feeds while still breast feeding for up to 2 years. *winks*.

To exclusively breast feed means to give only breast milk to the infant. No water, no other food.

So, here are some benefits:

To the baby:

  • It is readily available and accessible
  • It comes with the right taste and the right temperature
  • It contains all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, energy, fat, protein, minerals, even water , in the right proportion to aid the baby’s growth
  • It reduces the risk of developing allergies and asthma, diabetes mellitus, tooth decay, and obesity later in life
  • It boosts the immunity of the baby against some common childhood infections like ear and chest infections
  • It is easily digested
  • It reduces the frequency of hospital visits
  • Helps the baby and mother to bond better
  • The stool is less offensive
  • Faster growth and development
  • Lovely skin and hair
  • It makes the child more intelligent ( I am sure you would love that)

To the mum

This by extension applies to the family.

  • Exclusive breast feeding helps in child spacing
  • Reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer
  • Helps to attain pre- pregnancy weight more quickly
  • The tommy size reduces more quickly because the womb size reduces at a faster rate
  • It builds bone strength and prevents unnecessary breakage
  • It saves time and energy
  • It is cheap

So you may want to create more time to breast feed your baby. It is sure worth the hassle !!!

Have a wonderful breastfeeding time.

Cheers …

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