When you get a “feared” diagnosis, what should you do?

While some people prefer to get regular checks with their doctors, some others don’t. They would rather not want to know the diagnosis when they perceive an unusual symptom in their body, especially when they feel it may be related to a chronic (long standing) illness, such as hypertension, diabetes Mellitus, HIV, cancers, and so on.

It is important to note that you should not try to deny a symptom if present. Get regular checks with your doctor. EARLY DETECTION IS KEY TO GETTING  A GOOD OUTCOMES.

When you get a “feared ” diagnosis therefore, what should you do?

    • Try not to panic
    • Take a deep breath in and out
    • Ask for clarifications if you need to
    • Ask about the necessary life style modifications you would need to put in place
    • Ask about side effects and accurate dosage of your medications
    • Find out if there are support groups for those living with similar conditions
    • Do not put the counsel of a non-medical individual above your doctor’s.

Stay positive.

You are in charge of your body, therefore take good care of it.

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